Are you looking to escape the purpose-built tourist resorts, and discover authentic Ibiza?

Consider a stay in, one of the most beautiful Ibiza quiet areas on the island. The quaint village of San Augustin is compact and small, inhabited by only a handful of locals. This is a great way to experience authentic Ibiza, from the historic architecture to the warm and friendly locals. We have Ibiza holiday rentals in all parts of the island, giving you an opportunity to explore areas that have been unaffected by the tourist influx of recent years.

Escape the ordinary in San Agustin

With only a local church and a handful of shops in town, there is little in the way of activities in San Agustin.

This makes a great place to visit if you are looking for a peaceful, relaxing holiday away from the crowds. During your stay in the village, be sure to explore the central square, and pay a visit to the 200-year old church. A prime example of simple Catalan architecture, this structure is simple but beautiful. There are a number of traditional houses also bearing the same design, reflective of an undisturbed, genuine community in Ibiza. There are only two restaurants here, Restaurante Can Berri Vell, and Bar Berri. Located close to the town square, these are great options if you fancy trying some local cuisine and want a night off from cooking in your own self-catered villa. Viticulture enthusiasts can travel out to the surrounding countryside, and pay a visit to the bodegas (wineries) that are nearby. Of course, sampling a local bottle in town is easy, as host sommeliers in the restaurants are more than happy to treat you to a glass ? and a history lesson ? when it comes to locally-produced wines.

Discover our holiday villas in Ibiza in quiet areas like San Agustin

Un-spoilt by vast numbers of tourists, San Agustin has retained its authenticity as a traditional Balearic village, and is a must-visit for those searching for a unique and memorable holiday experience.

We have a number of self-catered villas for rent in Ibiza, including in remote areas like San Agustin, so you can have exactly the kind of holiday experience you want. Shops and a couple of restaurants and bars are within easy walking distance, allowing you to stock up on local produce and essentials, while the nearby town of San Antonio has all the nightlife and beachfront activities you could want. Contact the Ibiza Summer Villas team today, and find out more about booking your stay in this quiet, sleepy village.