Safety Protocol

Safety Protocol

Here at Ibiza Summer Villas, we really do care about our clients Health and Safety. We have compiled the following requirements that we are committed to:

Safety Awareness for all our staff

All employees have received specific information and/or training on how to follow basic precautions for infection prevention and control in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak:

  • Hand hygiene and respiratory advice: by coughing or sneezing.
  • Social conduct: changing the way of contact between workers and clients
  • How to comply with daily self-supervision for fever assessment.
  • How to comply with local health authority guidelines in the form of protocols.

Information for our Clients

  • What is the protocol should there be an event of an outbreak of COVID-19?
  • How to comply with basic precautions for infection prevention and control regarding the Coronavirus outbreak COVID-19?
  • It is essential that all clients should have full and current travel insurance.

Cleaning security in the villa

  • Cleaning and disinfection of bedrooms and floors will be carried out in accordance with an internal protocol with an emphasis on all touch surfaces guaranteeing control and prevention.
  • In the kitchen and food areas, the reinforcement of hygiene importance is very prominent with reference to utensils, kitchen equipment and surfaces.
  • Ibiza has professional sanitation companies that we can reserve for you at an additional cost.
  • All additional lines such as pillows, duvets, thick blankets, and most of the decorative textiles have been removed from the bedrooms and other areas of the villa to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of swimming pools, hydro-massage bathtubs, and any other equipment in wellness areas is carried out in accordance with the internal protocol.
  • Ventilation is of great importance so you may find that windows have been left open after disinfection.

Villa Facilities:

  • Correct PPP for all personnel visiting the property. Including the cleaning and maintenance staff.
  • Hand sanitizer is located at the villa entrance. We request that each client uses this upon entering and departing the villa.
  • Please bring adequate amounts of face masks from your home to last your entire stay here in Ibiza. 
  • Should your villa offer a mid-week linen change, we suggest in order to avoid contact with the clients, the cleaning team will leave one set of bath towels at the entrance of the villa.
  • An antiseptic solution hand dispenser will be near the villa entrance.
  • Plastic bags are to be present in all bins throughout the villa.

Internal cleaning and hygiene guaranteed

  • Specific cleaning has been undertaken in all villa rooms, terraces, and pool areas with adequate protection in accordance with the internal protocol.
  • The correct extraction and washing of bedding and towels are to be completed according to internal protocol.