Safety and Security in Ibiza

Safety and Security in Ibiza

As with any busy holiday destination the world over, petty crime and accidents in Ibiza do increase during the peak summer months when the island’s populace booms. 

Your safety and enjoyment are equally important to us therefore we’ve put together some valuable guidelines and information so you can be aware of, and minimize the risks. 

Ensure you have a valid travel insurance policy 

We strongly recommend you take out an adequate travel insurance policy that covers at minimum; medical, theft, and loss. Don’t leave it to chance. These policies don’t have to be expensive, so it’s worth the peace of mind. 

Do not carry large amounts of cash or valuables 

Avoid carrying large amounts of cash with you. Ideally, use credit cards and only withdraw small amounts of cash each time. 

If you are planning on bringing your laptop or tablet with you, and other larger valuables, check beforehand that your villa safe is large enough to store these items. 

Be aware of your belongings at all times 

Crowded public spaces are great hunting grounds for pickpockets and opportunist thieves. When in a restaurant, bar or club, keep your belongings with you at all times. Also, be wary of people randomly bumping into you or trying to distract you. 

Don’t take valuables to the beach, particularly if they will be unattended while you are swimming. Also don’t leave valuables in a car unattended. 

Secure your villa properly when out 

When leaving your villa ensure all windows, doors, and gates are properly closed and locked, and do not leave your key hidden somewhere on the property. If your villa has an alarm system, use it. If you are spending time around the pool at the back of the property, ensure the front of the villa is secure. Also, ensure you use the safety deposit box in your villa. These steps may sound like common sense however it is surprising how many times our team has turned up to a villa that is open and unoccupied. 

Only use licensed and legal forms of transport 

Ibiza has a number of transport options, including the white licensed public taxis (Radio Taxis), the island buses and licensed private transport companies. 

All legal forms of transport will have a Servicio Publico license, represented by the SP sticker on the back of the vehicle. This means the company has the correct licenses and permissions, is fully insured, all vehicles are roadworthy and drivers have been police checked and have undertaken the necessary exams. 

As with many tourist destinations, however, Ibiza has been plagued with ‘pirate’ taxis; illegal taxis cashing in and taking advantage of unsuspecting tourists. These drivers will often approach taxi queues at the airport and other busy tourist areas offering cheap lifts. Despite how friendly and sincere they may seem, it is not uncommon for these drivers to be linked to villa robberies, so avoid them, without exception. Regardless of how long the queue is, stand firm and stick with the legal and licensing options. It is simply not worth the huge risks. 

Please note that Ibiza Summer Villas are not liable for breaks-ins, should this happen you will need to relay to the police and they will inform you of the next steps. However, we are on hand every step of the way to help in any way we can. 

Please don’t let this information worry you. Ibiza is a safe place to live and to holiday, provided you do so with a bit of common sense and foresight.