World's Best Party Islands

World's Best Party Islands

Posted on December 13, 2023 in General Ibiza Tourist Information, Travel News

The Ultimate Nightlife Rankings Revealed

Here at Ibiza Summer Villas, we have explored the world’s most vibrant party islands to bring you the ultimate guide to where you can have unforgettable experiences. From our own iconic Ibiza, a haven of dance clubs and lively beach parties, to the full moon celebrations of Koh Phangan.

We know island getaways aren't just about sun and sea, they're also about the buzz of clubs and bars that bring holidays to life. That's why we've created our new Party Island Index which looks at which islands offer the best nightlife, considering factors like the number of clubs, bars, music venues, and even the cost of drinks. This index aims to reveal the top destinations worldwide for an incredible night out.

Overall Party Island Rankings: The Global Nightlife Scene

Zakynthos has taken the title as the ultimate party island destination. Situated in Greece, it’s renowned for its vibrant clubs and bars, as well as its breathtaking white sandy beaches and crystal-clear blue waters. It's no wonder it clinched the top spot.

Following closely behind, Ibiza firmly secures its spot as the second-best party destination. With an impressive count of 27 music venues, each boasting an outstanding average rating of 4.66 stars, it's a testament to its top-tier entertainment. From underground clubs to parties held in airplane hangars, Ibiza caters to diverse tastes, ensuring there's something for everyone.

Securing the third spot, the Croatian isle of Pag stands out for its exceptional nightlife among all other islands. Renowned for its dynamic party scene, Pag is a hotspot for those in search of lively entertainment. The island's clubs are especially remarkable, known not just for their high standards but also for their unwavering consistency—most venues operate seven days a week. This guarantees a vibrant experience whenever you choose to visit Pag. It seamlessly blends Mediterranean charm with an exhilarating clubbing atmosphere.

Ibiza - The Crown Jewel of Nightlife and Party Culture

Ibiza, a true music haven, rightly takes the second spot as a global party destination. The island is known for setting the standard for dance music culture worldwide and pushing the boundaries of innovation when it comes to party culture. Here, day parties rival the energy of the nightlife, offering a thrilling experience at any hour.

At Ibiza Summer Villas, we're proud to be a part of an island that stands out in the party scene. With 69 clubs, Ibiza holds a strong seventh-place ranking, providing the perfect mix of vibrant party atmospheres and opportunities to relax and let your hair down. 

Now if a quiet and conventional getaway isn’t quite right for you, then Ibiza will definitely be your go-to destination. This is why it's no surprise that Ibiza ranks second for its music venues. With 27 spots to check out, you can enjoy live bands and attend famous festivals like Ibiza Rocks and the International Music Summit.

If bars are more up your alley, then Ibiza won’t disappoint. Highly rated for its bar scene with 120 to choose from, you can enjoy a beer for an average of €0.70 or even catch stunning views of the island from rooftop bars such as Rooftop Montesol.

Clubbing Hotspots Around the World

When it comes to clubbing, the Greek islands Zakynthos and Mykonos took first and third place respectively. Zakynthos boasts an impressive 49 clubs, open nearly every night of the week, and highly rated with an average club rating of 4.54. Meanwhile, Mykonos hosts 30 clubs that open daily, featuring iconic venues like the Super Paradise Beach Club, synonymous with Mykonos' nightlife, contributing to the island's solid club rating of 4.09.

Croatia showcases its clubbing scene with two standout islands: Pag and Hvar, securing second and fourth place. Pag, home to the renowned Hideout Festival, boasts clubs with an average rating of 4.12, while Hvar's clubs score a commendable 4.16. For a memorable experience in Hvar, a visit to the Hula Hula Beach Club is a must, famed for its beach parties lasting until sunrise. The consistent daily openings of these clubs solidify these islands as top choices for club enthusiasts.

Not to be overlooked, the Dominican Republic’s Punta Cana places fifth, offering 78 clubs. These hotspots keep the island alive almost every night (6 nights a week to be exact), offering a diverse and exciting clubbing scene. 

Unveiling the Best Bar Scenes Across Party Islands

Our index has also revealed which island has the best bars to visit for an unforgettable experience. Zakynthos once again tops the ranking with 120 bars throughout the island, rated at an impressive 4.5. Here, you can enjoy a refreshing beer for around €0.96.

Santorini, known for its romantic, dreamlike aesthetic, secures the second spot with 81 bars. These Instagram-worthy bars are rated on average 4.3, offering a diverse array of entertainment options. Be sure to check out places such as Tropical, a bar that overlooks the Santorini caldera and where beer can be bought for around €1.

Koh Phangan, securing the third position with 120 bars, is famous for its iconic full moon parties. If clubs aren’t your thing, then hanging out at a place like the Jam Bar where live performances and open mics are the order of entertainment will have you at ease. Beer costs around €1.53 and the island’s bars are rated an incredible 5.0, showing that it’s a top spot for enjoying a cocktail (or three).

Music Venues: The Heartbeat of the Party Islands

In the heart of these vibrant party islands, music venues play a crucial role. Topping our list is the Greek isle of Ios, which not only offers 37 music venues with an impressive 4.5-star rating but also comes alive with the annual Ios Festival. This event isn't just about music, it's a cultural extravaganza featuring concerts and theatrical performances.

Ibiza, a close runner-up, has 27 venues that are rated 4.66.  Places like Teatro Pereira immerse visitors in a diverse musical journey within a festive atmosphere. Koh Phangan, meanwhile, impresses with its 4 venues, boasting an average rating of 4.86 stars. This island, famed for its full moon parties, offers an intimate and high-quality music experience that's hard to match.

Whether it's partying in the sun, enjoying the best bars, or checking out the top-rated music venues, our study points you to the best islands for the ultimate party. So whether it’s Ios you fancy due to it being the perfect place for its lively music scene, or you want to party in Ibiza where its nightlife is legendary and unmatched - these places are more than just picturesque islands, they’re the heart of the party.