Top 10 Tapas Bars in Ibiza

Top 10 Tapas Bars in Ibiza

Posted on December 21, 2021 in Dining, Things to do

Tapas is the name of the traditional small dishes, snacks and starters which are served everyday in millions of bars in Spain and across the world. These dishes are such an integral part of Spanish culture that Spanish people invented the verb ‘tapear’ which means to go and eat tapas!

Traditional selections include patas bravas – spiced roasted potatoes in a tomato salsa, and gambas ajillo – shelled prawns in garlic butter. Ibiza has a fantastic selection of tapas bars across the island, here is our guide to the Top Ten.

El Zaguan, Ibiza Town

This eternally popular restaurant offers dishes traditional to the north of Spain. Take a seat and the staff will come to your table with a wide selection of dishes, simply pick the ones you like, saving the wooden sticks from each empty dish. Once you have finished, your bill is calculated by the number of small wooden sticks you have on your table. A truly authentic tapas experience in Ibiza Town.

Destino, San Jose

This restaurant in the charming village of San Jose offers traditional tapas with a modern twist, and also has a great selection of vegetarian dishes, which is fairly unusual in Spain! We recommend the leeks braised in coconut milk for all you veggies out there!

Bar La Bodega, Ibiza Town

Bar La Bodega (pictured above) is by far one of the finest places to enjoy tapas in Ibiza. Tucked into a nook near the entrance of Dalt Vila, with stone walls and classic chandeliers, the atmosphere is fantastic – almost as good as the food!

La Cava, Ibiza Town

This popular bar, with modern interior, is a favourite meeting spot in the heart of Ibiza Town. As well as an excellent and varied tapas menu, the cocktail list is extensive and affordable.

Bar Toni, Santa Eulalia to Ibiza Road

A favourite stopping point for workers, locals and holidaymakers alike, Bar Toni has been serving excellent tapas to the people of Ibiza for decades. The selection here is one of the most varied and most traditional on the island (Santa Eulalia).

Rincon de Pepe, San Antonio

At the foot of San Antonio’s infamous West End area you will find one of the most popular tapas restaurants on the island. Family friendly and inexpensive, the tapas is traditional and of exceptional quality. People travel from far and wide for the gazpacho (cold tomato spiced soup).

Can Tixedo Art Cafe, San Rafael

In between the towns of San Rafael and San Antonio hides one of the best tapas spots you can find. The art deco style and modern, innovative menu make it a must visit place. Try the seaweed cannelloni for a really unusual take on traditional tapas, but make sure you leave room for the excellent dessert menu!

Anitas, San Carlos

The hub of San Carlos village, where people come to meet, drink.. and eat tapas! Anitas is an integral part of the community in this small town. The tapas is traditional and very well priced, and don’t forget to try a shot of their homemade hierbas, a typical after dinner liquer.

Rincon de Pepe, Santa Eulalia

On the famous ‘Restaurant Street’, Rincon de Pepe is a family run restaurant which has been serving excellent tapas for many generations. The ‘albondigas’ – Spanish meatballs are the stuff of local legend.

Tapas, San Antonio

The clue is in the name here! Tapas is an extremely popular spot in the busy resort of San Antonio. The menu combines modern culinary techniques with traditional Spanish cuisine, so expect your taste-buds to take an extraordinary journey! The restaurant is open all year round and even serves a traditional English Roast Dinner on Sundays!