The Walking Wonderers

The Walking Wonderers

Posted on December 20, 2021 in Attractions, Beaches, General Ibiza Tourist Information, Things to do, Winter in Ibiza

One good thing to come out of this crazy period we are all experiencing at this time, is everyone’s attitude to mental health. The Ibiza community focus a lot on mental health and concentrate on taking time out for themselves, this year more than ever before.

It’s fair to say that each winter many of the islanders have time on their hands and this year there are a growing number of islanders with spare time and limited funds.

With the warm balmy winter days, it’s easy to see why so many people have donned their walking shoes and taken up the cheapest exercise; walking.

There are so many walks to do in Ibiza and having been a recent convert myself, I detail the best ten walks to do on the island over two parts.

Santa Eulalia river walk

This is actually the only natural river on the island so it is lovely that they have paved this way so you can enjoy it. With information boards along the way you can learn about your surroundings.

The area has been well landscaped and paved so that you can enjoy a circular walk along the river from the waterfront in Santa Eulalia inland towards the Puig de Missa and then returning to the beach area and promenade in Santa Eulalia. This is a great short walk to discover a different side the usual beach resort and blue waters that you would expect in Ibiza.

This walk is suitable for people of all ages and abilities. As it has been well paved it is also suitable for wheelchair users, prams and push buggies.

The path takes you past several points of interest including a small waterfall, a water mill and the Puig de Missa. There are information boards to explain the various things along the route. Whilst you walk over the bridge at the beginning you may notice that there are padlocks attached to it… This is a Spanish custom where couples place their padlock on the bridge and then throw the key into the water, symbolising their relationship!

Hiking between Cala Salada and San Antonio

A two hour hike that you can do in either direction or both ways if you’re feeling energetic, it will take you past the stunning beaches of Salada and Gracio as well as the hidden gem Cala Yoga, you can explore the dramatic headland of Punta de ses Galera and stop for a rest at the Hostal La Torre with a great view.

The trail begins by the Cala Salada Restaurant. Take the stone steps that lead up from the beach directly next to the restaurant terrace, don’t take the ones that start across the road as they lead only to the car park and you’ll have to climb back down and start again.

Keep an eye on you time as you go because that last stretch of coastline is truly stunning especially at sunset.

Hiking from Cala Conta to Cala Tarida

This is an easy hike along a rough but not difficult trail; it’ll take you along cliff edges with beautiful coastal views, to one of Ibiza’s lesser-known tourist sights and to hidden beaches much quieter than Conta or Tarida.

You could do this hike in a little over an hour but should allow yourself much longer and beach hop along the way. You can start this hike from either beach. The choice is yours!

Stay at Cala Codolar and perhaps push yourself a little more by heading up the rugged cliffs to the Time & Space sculpture overlooking Es Vedra (this must do activity will be written in further details in my next blog!)

Coastal hike from Santa Agnes

Santa Agnes, a tiny hamlet in the north-west of Ibiza that doesn’t get much in the way of tourist traffic but does make a good starting point for a hike along some truly epic coastline.

The towns elevation of 200m above sea level gives you a head start on this hike that will take you to the edge of sheer dramatic cliffs without the need for a climb, as well as show you two hidden beaches and incredible views from Cap Negret headland.

This hike takes roughly 90-minutes but there are options to cut it shorter along the way should you wish to. The trail is rugged in most places, generally fairly easy but does have a few steep sections. Mostly deserted even in peak summer however during the winter it is at its busiest during the Almond Blossom season.

When you have conquered the steep hike back up to the main Cami des Pla de Coruna, continue right through beautiful farmland and scenes of rural idyll until you reach Las Puertas Del Cielo (heaven’s gate) restaurant, easy to spot from the road. Walk to the very edges of the cliffs and along to the left until you reach the rocky headland of Cap Negret where more simply epic views await you. Look to the south from here and you can see all the way to the island of Conillera south of Sant Antonio bay.

From here it’s a simple walk back to the village of Santa Agnes.

Circular hike around Port de Sant Miquel

An hour-long circular hike taking in three beaches, an ancient defence tower, and epic coastal views.

Start this hike on the beach at Port de Sant Miquel, where you can see the Torre des Molar perched up on a hill above you. Head to the left of the beach and you’ll find a dirt track leaving from behind the beachside Chiringuito Pascual. The path may or may not have a purple sign pointing you to Torre des Molar, it was fairly battered but the path is still easy to spot.

The winding path leads you along the coastline for 200 metres, culminating in a wooden bridge and steps that lead you down to the beautiful little cove of Caló des Moltons.

To continue the trail, head to the back of the beach where the eco-toilets are signposted. The track winds up into the hills from here, it’s a little badly marked but just keep heading up and the worn path re-emerges often enough to keep you going in the right direction. Climb up for 10 minutes and the path turns into a paved private road, cross this and follow the signs and painted arrows pointing you back into the woods. 5 minutes further on, you’ll emerge onto a paved road again which drops steeply away to your right. Turn left and follow this road through a car park and again onto a dusty trail, and a further 5 minutes walk to the Torre des Molar.

This 18th-century defence tower was built on this spot to watch and warn against invaders and pirates, and it’s more than clear why. The view from this tower is 360 degrees of exceptional. Stand on the edge of the cliffs to see all this or climb up into the tower itself for even better views. The tower is open and well preserved, although the stairs are incredibly narrow and a little tricky, the view from the roof is well worth the climb. Top tip is to use the torch on your phone!

Retreat down the dirt road through the car park and back to the paved road which dipped steeply. This time, follow it all the way downhill and, after 10 minutes of walking, you’ll emerge at the Illa des Bosc you’ve just seen from above.

When it’s time to move on, backtrack again along the paved road until you see a path veering off into the trees on the left, it’s marked by a rock cairn and a sturdy pillar of wood. This path will lead you through rough rocks and trees back to the little beach Caló des Moltons. You’ll emerge above the boat houses and, from the beach, be able to rejoin the original path that will take you all the way back to the main beach of San Miguel.

The hike can be done in an hour however you can cheat slightly and drive up to the tower if you would prefer. Easier on the legs!