The world’s most luxurious islands

The world’s most luxurious islands

Posted on October 12, 2023 in General Ibiza Tourist Information, Travel News

Where's the best place in the world for a high-end island getaway? We reveal the answer based on six data points

Here at Ibiza Summer Villas, we know there’s nothing quite like a holiday soaking up the sun and sea. Island getaways have long been favoured by the rich and famous, but even if you’re not a celebrity, you still deserve the finest treatment. 

Our new luxury destination index considers the number of five-star hotels, high-end spas, high end restaurants, private jet charters, and yacht clubs to reveal the most luxurious island destinations in the world

Considering some of the most popular island destinations in the world, the data reveals that the European islands of Mykonos and Crete are the best luxury island destinations, with Cyprus completing the top three. 

The tool below looks at the different data points our team of experts sourced. Use the tool and share your findings with us on social media. 

The top three

The Greek island of Mykonos scored in the top five for six factors: not only does it have the most private jet charters in the study, but it has the 3rd best climate in the study with over 3,103 hours of sunshine a year. 

Just a ferry ride away, Crete achieved 2nd place in the study, scoring in the top 10 for the number of private jet charters, 5* accommodation, and luxury spas. 

Third choice Cyprus is the sunniest option of the top three, with an annual 3,362 hours of sunshine a year. The mediterranean country boasts 131 choices of 5* accommodation, 19 yacht clubs and 16 luxury spaces to unwind in.


Luxurious accommodation is paramount to the most high end of getaways. Bali is a clear winner for the number of 5* hotels with 560 top-notch choices. Dominican Republic comes next with 172 and Crete third with 170. 

But what’s a good sleep without a belly full of good food? The Cayman Islands has the most 4.5* and above restaurants, with 20 to choose between. Bali has just one less, with 19, and Santorini and Hvar come joint 3rd with 18. 

Once you’ve wined and dined and enjoyed a luxurious night’s sleep, top off your holiday with a trip to a luxury spa. Three islands have 18 luxury (4* and above) spas, which are Santorini, the Maldives and Corfu

But those lucky enough to own a private jet or their own yacht might want to consider which islands have the best yacht communities and private-charter facilities. With 9 destinations tying for the number of private jet charters, jet-setters are spoilt for choice. In Asia, the top destination is Phuket, in North America, options include St. Lucia and the Bahamas, and in Europe Corfu, Mykonos and Crete are your best choices. 

For those looking to socialise in a yacht club, 7 destinations boast 20 options – the most in the study. This includes Ibiza, Malta and Mykonos in Europe, and Aruba and the Dominican Republic in North America and finally Bali in Asia. 

Those are the study winners for high-end dining, sleeping, and wellness treatments, but what good is a holiday without good weather? With 3,842 annual hours of sunshine, the British Virgin Islands are the sunniest spots in the study, followed by Cyprus with 3,362 and Mykonos with 3,103.


How did Ibiza perform in the study?

And what about Ibiza? Ibiza came joint top for the number of yacht clubs – with an impressive 20 listed on the Island. With 37 fantastic choices of 5* listed hotels and accommodation, it’s no surprise that we knew at Ibiza Summer Villas that our island would rank above average for accommodation (finishing 13th in the study overall). It is also the 5th best choice for sunshine in Europe with 2,755 hours of sunshine per year – so you are almost guaranteed fantastic weather on your holiday. 

If you’re looking to splash out by the ocean for a once in a lifetime luxury holiday, or whether you only ever consider nothing but the best treatment, we hope this tool helps you plan your ultimate luxury island getaway