Ibiza´s Famous Hippy Markets

Ibiza´s Famous Hippy Markets

Posted on November 17, 2022 in Things to do, Winter in Ibiza

Bargain hunting like a local

Ibiza´s Hippy Markets

Since the early 1970’s Ibiza has been as famous for its hippy markets as for its clubbing venues. A visit is a must for those wanting to experience the unique atmosphere and immerse themselves in the island’s deep rooted culture. Hippy Markets in Ibiza have been around since the 70´s, however recently are becoming more of a tourist attraction than a local watering hole.

Local street markets like Es Cana and San Carlos have been around since the beginning, however now with more to choose from, there is a market for everyday of the week!

Here’s some of our best picks for a bargain and a good time :)

Es Cana Hippy Market (Punta Arabi)

10am – 8pm every Wednesday

Ibiza’s first and original hippy market, it first opened in 1973. Since then, it has become an Ibiza institution and now expects over 10,000 visitors every week to its 300 plus stalls. With this in mind, we would recommend you arrive early!

A kaleidoscope of colour greets you from the stalls selling items from clothes to instruments, much of it homemade, from all over the world.

Walking through the winding paths among the stalls is a treat for the senses. Along with the bright colours on display, aromas from the food outlets mingle with the live music from international musicians.

A must-see experience.

Las Dalias

10am – 8pm Saturday (and every Sunday in August)

7pm – 1am Monday Night Market (June to September)

7pm – 1am Tuesday Night Market (July and August only)

Situated in San Carlos, Las Dalias market opened in 1985 with 5 stalls. Its popularity over the years since has ensured there are well over 200 stalls today attracting thousands of visitors every week.

An old bar at the entrance offers a great place to sit and appreciate the sights and sounds before you make your way around. The stalls offer a great variety of objects, jewellery and clothes, many handmade, and of excellent quality.

The live music emanating from different areas creates a relaxed, bohemian atmosphere, so it is no surprise that Las Dalias has been a meeting place for hippies, artists, craftmakers and poets since its inception.

Again, it is advisable to arrive early.

Gorilla Hippy Market

10am – Midnight. Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

The Gorilla hippy market is to be easily found in San Antonio Bay. So called because of a giant gorilla towering over it, the market is in its infancy but has increasing popularity.

While not as big or as deeply rooted as the other markets, it has a nice atmosphere. Live music, food outlets and bars surround the colourful stalls selling clothes and instruments, trinkets and various homemade objects and souvenirs.

There are various street markets in every resort around the island, each giving a small taste of the larger and more well-known ones listed above.

Photo courtesy of Urgatzak