Museums in Ibiza

Museums in Ibiza

Posted on November 09, 2022 in Attractions, Things to do, Winter in Ibiza

Guide to Ibiza´s Museums and Galleries

While Ibiza is not known primarily for its cultural qualities, delve a little deeper and you will find a rich and diverse history, portrayed beautifully in numerous museums and galleries.
Here are some of the best the island has to offer.

Museo Arqueologico de Ibiza y Formentera, Ibiza Town

Situated within the cobbled streets and high walls of the fortified Dalt Vila (upper Ibiza old town), is the Museo Arqueologico de Ibiza y Formentera. Placed in the building which once housed the government of the island for over three centuries on the impressive Placa de la Catedral, this museum holds ancient artefacts dating from Phoenician, Roman, Carthaginian, Moorish and Islamic eras. Be prepared for a steep walk, but the views and the experience more than make up for it! Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday 10 am - 3 pm and 6.30pm.
Sunday 10 am - 2 pm.
€2.40 for adults, €1.20 for kids.

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (MACE), Ibiza Town

Still inside the city walls, on Ronda de Narcis Puget, you will find the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (MACE). Based in an 18th century weapons room, this is the only contemporary art museum on the island. Here you will find works from young international and local artists, ideal for the modern art enthusiast! Opening times: Tuesday to Friday 10 am - 2 pm and 6 pm - 9pm.
Saturday and Sunday 10 am - 2 pm.
Free entry

Galeria Van der Voort, Ibiza Town

Continuing with art in Ibiza town, the Galeria Van der Voort on Plaza de Vila is considered by many to be Ibiza’s finest gallery. It exhibits local and renowned international artists’ impressive works and photographs. Opening times: Monday to Saturday 11 am - 1 pm and 5 pm – 10 pm.
Free entry

Necropolis del Puig des Molins, Ibiza Town

Reaching the outskirts of Dalt Vila on Via Romana, you will find the Necropolis del Puig des Molins, which houses over 3,000 tombs and was registered in 1999 as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It has an intricate network of caves and walkways linking the tombs and is perceived as the world’s most extensive collection of Punic remains. Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday 10 am - 2 pm and 5 pm - 8 pm.
Sunday 10 am - 2 pm.  €2 and free on Sunday!

Galeria es Moli, Santa Gertrudis

For something a little different, Galeria es Moli is situated in a private house in the beautiful small town of Santa Gertrudis on Carreterra San Miguel. Set in scenic surroundings, it has a homely feel. It should, as the owners live upstairs as you look around the gallery rooms downstairs! It houses a bookshop and features mainly abstract art and photographs. Opening times: Monday to Saturday 6 pm - 9.30 pm.
Free entry

Ethnographic Museum, Santa Eulalia

To the north of Ibiza town on the outskirts of the picturesque town of Santa Eularia, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful walks on the island, up Puig de Missa and towards Santa Eulalia's church. On the way,  you will find the Ethnographic Museum at Can Ros, a stunning traditional house that highlights some of the original farming tools, dress and objects that depict Ibiza’s cultural development over the centuries. Opening times: Monday 4 - 6 pm.
Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 1 pm and 4 pm - 6 pm.
Free entry