528 Ibiza

528 Ibiza

Posted on May 19, 2022 in Attractions, Dining, Things to do

528 Ibiza offers a high end gastronomic evening with theatrical dining. Located in the old zoo in the hills of Benimussa, this exquisite venue has been transformed into a five star experience.

As your journey begins you are invited to sample a variety of different food’s from the island all washed down with some exquisite champagne. As you wander from stall to stall with your senses teased and fed, there are many dancers around you which create part of the experience that you are here to see.

As you take your seat, the gastronomic meal begins and there are an array of dishes served. The high-quality, seasonal ingredients are plucked from the venue’s surrounding farmlands and the nearby sea – this is the essence of Ibiza. Your senses are heightened by the array of different food you are eating – it’s simply out of this world.

The show unfolds around you whilst you are sampling your delightful dinner and the diverse mix of local talent and international artists incorporate a mixture of music, dance, art, acrobatics and theatre. The show is a feast of music as you travel through time.

The show finishes about midnight and it would be hard not to be up from your seats enjoying every single bit of music and dance.

It’s a show that has been born as a result of the pandemic restrictions and they have certainly covered every detail imaginable. It is definitely worth a visit and this night will be one that you will talk about for years to come.