5 Sunset spots you won't want to miss.

5 Sunset spots you won't want to miss.

Posted on July 05, 2022 in Attractions, Beaches, Things to do

Ibiza is one of the most popular places in the world to explore the wild and wonderful nature, visit crystal clear waters and view the sun setting over the Mediterranean Sea.

Ibiza sunsets are a truly must see experience and have become rich in the islands culture of celebrations and rituals... Whether you love to hang at the infamous sunset strip - or prefer a more chilled out vibe, Isla Bonita is sure to deliver. As matter of fact , it has one of the most breathtaking sunset views in the whole Med. Here are our TOP picks for a fabulous sunset, away from the masses at the strip. (Not that, it isn't also great)

1. Benirras Beach Sunday Sessions Hippie vibes: Setting Suns and Bongo Drums

When you think of most things Ibiza is famous for, you probably think of luxurious restaurants and bars and DJs playing to packed clubs and pristine beaches. But however, for those in the know, one of the island’s most impressive features is its spectacular sunsets. Combine this dramatic nightfall extravaganza with the legendary Sunday drumming session at Benirras Beach, and you’ll have an Ibiza night to remember. What started out only as a small gathering has now taken over the entire Cala and is an experience not to be missed The first sunset session at Benirras was held on Sunday August 18, 1991. This date is known to the locals here as "The Day of the Drums", when, many hundreds of people gathered on Benirras beach, protesting against the first Gulf War in Iraq. This anti-war gathering later grew into a huge, free, weekly event. Still attracting thousands of hippies and peace-lovers from all over the world to this day. Don't want to sit at the multiple churinguito's like the others? No worries! The beach is full of dancers, people selling drinks, and of course - hippie markets. The party has known to last at this particular spot for as long as 3 days. A MUST SEE on our list of Sunsets and the number 1 to get the true vibes of the island.

Where: Benirras Beach
When: Every Sunday from 5-10pm

2. Es Vedra & Atlantis: The tip of the Lost City

Not so secret at all, infact quite the opposite, Es Vedra is famous for it's sunsets for a reason and is probably one the most spectacular views for a sunset on the White Isle The island of Es Vedra is known for its mystical energy, and is known as the “third most magnetic spot on Earth” after The North Pole and The Bermudas. There are two lookout spots in Ibiza to see the sights: Torre des Savinar and a small cove called Atlantis. With a car, and a little bit of a trek, you can enjoy the views from both places without the masses of tourists surrounding you. To get there take the road to Es Cubells and turn toward Cala d'Hort. Before reaching the beach, turn left onto a dirt road. Then ditch the car and continue on foot. One path leads to a watchtower, Torre des Savinar, which was originally built in the 1700s to defend from pirate attacks. The other trail veers to the left and leads to Atlantis. The terrain might be a little tough however, you will end up surrounded by unique rock formations and several natural green pools that are fed by rain and seawater. As you splash around in Atlantis you can glance across the water and take in this breathtaking view of Es Vedra, or as rumour has it, the tip of the lost city of Atlantis. For the less brave, there is also the Es Vedra lookout spot which can get quite packed during the summer months, so it's best to go there early to get your spot and enjoy the view!

Where - Es Vedra Lookout
When - 365 days a year from 6pm onwards

3. Khumaras Restaurant and Bar: Alternative Chic.

Kumharas is a restaurant and cocktail bar perfectly positioned for the famous Ibiza sunsets in San Antonio. Alongside the restaurant is a cocktail bar, a perfect place to catch those amazing sunset views also whilst also enjoying a cocktail or delicious smoothie, while listening Balearic beats from the resident Djs. People come here at dusk to enjoy its casual atmosphere, music, street food stalls with worldly flavours and of course - it's fabulous sunsets. At Kumharas you will be able to enjoy great food and great music, all whilst watching a breathtaking sunset - doesn't get much better than that! In addition the restaurant also has a market where you can buy clothes or jewellery while you wait for your meal, or while lounging around the bar. Here you can relax in one of the hammocks or in the chill-out area . As a well known local spot, it's best to get there early as Kumharas usually offers live performances by local and international DJs during the sunset hours.

Where - Kumharas Restaurant and Bar, Sant Antonio 
When - Daily from 1pm

4. Cala Escondida: Enviromentally Sensitive + Sustainable.

Cala Escondida at Cala Conta is the rock covered beach to the left of Sunset Ashram. The pop up chiringuito may look rustic, however this is a famous spot for locals and tourists combined. Being environmentally sustainable also is a plus, and as a matter of fact Cala Escondida also just happens to be the most environmentally sensitive and sustainable beach bar in the whole island. The menu of Cala Escondida is based on fresh and local products, always homemade, made in a simple way. This hidden gem is certainly a must try for anyone wanting a change from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist spots. Head to the left of Sunset Ashram and look for the steps leading down. A few fishermen’s huts provide the necessary picture postcard backdrop, with a sand and pebbly beach for swimming and sunbathing Once apon a time this Cala was quite secluded, although more and more people have recently found the place and keep going back for the charm and quality. Most of all the sunset, try and arrive early to secure your spot!

Where - Cala Escondida
When - In the summer months from 3pm

5. Hostal La Torre (San Antoni): Ibiza Charm and and Magic Sunsets

If you’re un the mood for a more relaxed time watching the sunset, Hostal La Torre is your answer. Voted multiple times as one of the most beautiful and atmospheric sunsets on the island, this special spot might just become one of your most magical moments of your stay in Ibiza Hostal La Torre lies on a beautiful rocky mountain top where you can enjoy a drink and the sunset. Note: this is a popular place. Reservations are required in the high season, however there's always the option to take a spot on the rocks and enjoy the view, which still is jam packed full of all kinds of people who come to see this spectacular sunset, you can bring your own drinks and snacks and relax with the crowds on the rocks if You do not want to go to the actual bar. it is sunset when La Torre Ibiza really shines. With a truly Balearic, emotive soundtrack courtesy of some of the island’s best resident DJs, fabulous cocktails and great food, plus views over the glistening Mediterranean Sea, it’s the ideal place to sit, relax and enjoy the view. You never know who you just might be sitting next to at Hostal La Torre.. A must for any traveler to the island

Where : Hostal La Torre
When: 365 days a year from 1pm onwards