10 Reasons why we love Ibiza

10 Reasons why we love Ibiza

Posted on December 20, 2021 in Attractions, Beaches, Health, Things to do

There is no denying that the island of Ibiza has a magic pull to all that visit and settle down here. When you ask people why they came to visit the island in the first place, their response is normally along the lines of wanting to escape the monotony back home and do something out of the ordinary. Enter…Ibiza!

The island welcomes people with open arms and it’s up to the individual in how to choose to experience this place we call home. Holiday makers visit the island and sample all that is has to offer, workers are here for the summer season and leave after a few months partied out and no doubt a little poorer, whereas others have the luxury of escaping the hustle and bustle of the summer and experiencing the coolness of the winter. However you wish to play your trip to Ibiza, we want to ensure you know the best reasons why we love the island of Ibiza.

The beaches on the island of Ibiza are simply stunning. Regularly featuring in the press worldwide, the beaches gain as much press here on the island as the partying scene does. There is something for everyone; choose to cool off in the stunning waters of Cala Conta, the shallow bay of Cala Bassa, the beautiful cove of Cala Vadella, the privacy of Atlantis, the escapism beach of Cala San Vicente or head to some of the crashing waves at Aquas Blancas. Our suggestion would be to head to a different beach each day during your holiday…if you don’t fancy staying there for too long, the next beach is only a few minutes drive away. Hop back in that car and carry on exploring…Simples!

The food that you can sample whilst you are here will be out of this world. There are so many places to discover each summer. There are ‘menu del dia’ restaurants which serve a 3 course meal for as little as 10 E and you won’t be leaving disappointed or hungry! Available in most restaurants, you will find many a Spanish person taking advantage of this great value meal during the day. However we can appreciate you don’t always want something that filling so you can grab something on the go or sit down for some tasty tapas. It’s simply impossible to keep up to date with all the openings however we can certainly vouch for our personal favourites. Destino is our go to tapas restaurant in San Jose village offering an unusual twist on the regular tapas food. Can Domingo is an exquisite restaurant deep in the campo and they offer Italian food at it’s finest…it is gastronomic and with the live jazz band playing it is worlds away from the party scene. Head into Ibiza Town and check out Sa Brisa the exquisite food on offer is tailor made to your tastebuds and will leave you wanting more. We could list a whole heap more but we will leave that for a different blog on a different day!

Without hesitation when you think of Ibiza…one of the words that will spring to mind is sunsets. This island is famous for them and each night crowds head to sunset strip in Cala des Moro, San Antonio and view the beautiful sight of the sun dipping into the sea with the balearic beats playing in the background.It may sound a cliche but we are yet to find a better sunset elsewhere in the world.

The parties in Ibiza are well known. The clubs entice people to enter their clubs and escape for a few hours with amazing music, sets and scenery. There are so many nights to choose from and so many clubs too but go with the one which is playing your preferred music and you will be swaying with the crowds before too long. This summer we have the new club opening up ‘Hï’ in Playa den Bossa and whilst there is very little information being given out just yet, it will surely be the party to be seen at for Summer 2017.

We all like a little tipple here and there and in Ibiza we have our own liquid gold which goes by the name of ‘Hierbas‘. It is an aniseed-flavored liqueur made mainly by extracting aromas of various plants such as thyme, rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus, chamomile and peels from lemons and oranges. Served ice cold with plenty of ice, many a Ibiza hangover has started and finished with one of these beauties!

It’s not just Ibiza that has stunning beaches, our neighbouring sister island, Formentera is home to some real out -of-this-world scenery. The beautiful white sandy beaches and clear turquoise seas are the things holiday dreams are made of. All the beaches on Formentera are natural and almost always set within an unspoiled landscape.

Experience a day in a celebrity world and charter a boat for the day. If you grab some of your friends it works out fairly inexpensive and you can head to Formentera for the day, head round the coastline of Ibiza or sample the infamous sunset whilst you moored up on the calm waters.

Increasingly retreats are popping up across the island. Yoga retreats, Bootcamp Retreats, Spiritual Retreats, Weight loss Retreats…the list is endless. It’s the perfect way to escape the frantic lifestyle you may lead and zone out and find your inner zen. Some of the most popular ones are Commando Fit, Ibiza Retreats, 38N, TWC, Soulshine Retreats.

We have covered a whole bunch of things to do whilst in Ibiza, but one vital essential which everyone does whilst on holiday is sightseeing. It’s not all beaches and partying. There are plenty of markets that pop up over the island during the summer, with the Hippy Market every Wednesday in Es Cana being extremely popular. Ibiza has two national parks; the Salt Flats in Ses Salines and Es Vedra. Both equally beautiful and impressive by sight visiting both these places are a high recommendation. Caves in San Miguel are a great place to head to with the family. Experience the mystical side of Ibiza and the area where the smugglers of Ibiza called home. The Dalt Vila in Ibiza Town is part of the UNESCO world heritage site – it is a stunning example of classic Renaissance military architecture, within which lies the historical remnants of the many cultures who have called Ibiza home over thousands of years.

The final reason why we love our island Ibiza so very much is simply the fact that so many of us found love here and have settled down and called it home. We are proud of the craziness of Ibiza. Yes we suffer infuriatingly long queues at the bank and post office, (when we seem to take just five minutes once we arrive at the counter) nothing is completed in a hurry (even more infuriatingly when you are in a hurry) and there can be sudden arrival of roadworks without any warning whatsoever which causes mayhem (anyone remember the Cala de Bou chaos last year?!)