Ibiza maybe most famous for its decadent nightlife scene and as a family tourism destination, but many people also head to the beautiful island to enjoy the many walking and hiking trails that Ibiza has to offer. Although she is just 24 miles long and 13 miles wide, Ibiza boasts some quite staggeringly beautiful stretches of coastline, enchanting forests and rugged mountain paths which are there for you to explore and enjoy. Whether you choose to join a guided walk or grab a map and discover the beauty of the island for yourself, Ibiza is waiting for you.

Three photo collage in a row. first picture is a scenic picture in Ibiza over looking the water on a cliff. Second picture is of 5 little green lizards sitting on a rock. Third picture close up of a white blossom tree with a blue sky in the background.

Guided Walks

There are many dedicated walking and hiking companies on Ibiza, run by people who use their love of the island and local knowledge to give you around some of the secret coves and hidden trails which you may never find by yourself. One such company is Walking Ibiza, which is run with love and passion by Toby Clarke, an islander born and bred, Ibiza is in his heart and soul. Toby plans his walks meticulously and offers routes to suit all energy levels and even offers bespoke walks for families with young children. He can offer a bespoke walking plan to suit our individual requirements should you wish, and even arrange overnight camping trips to really immerse yourself in nature. Whatever you choose, rest assured that Toby can show you the real, unspoilt beauty of Ibiza, which will amaze you and surprise you time after time.


Discover and Explore

If you choose to plan your own route and wish to discover Ibiza by yourself rather than in a group, then there are plenty of excellent places to start. Ibiza is blessed with some marvellous topography, along the coastline and also inland, in the rugged mountainous areas. One favourite spot is Sa Talaia, the highest geographical point of the island, which can be reached from a starting point close to the church in the sleepy village of San Jose. Don’t forget your camera as this is one of the best viewpoints on the island, offering unforgettable sights across Es Vedra, Formentera and local beaches.  Or why not head to the famous salt flats of Salinas, where you can see over 300 species of birds, the area is in fact a UNESCO Conservation area due to its abundance of wildlife. Walking along this beautiful coastline you can eventually reach the shore of Playa d’en Bossa and the abandoned pirate tower, which once an active tower used to protect the island from marauding pirate invasions.


Almond Blossom Walks 

A favourite time for many walkers is in the new year, when the island is blessed with an abundance of beautiful almond blossom. In particular, the areas near to Santa Agnes have fields full of these beautiful trees bearing their pretty flowers, and to see them in their full glory is a mesmerising site. The countryside around Santa Agnes is one of the most popular walking spots all year round, but to really appreciate the raw beauty of the blossom, the best time to visit is undoubtedly mid January to mid February, when the temperatures are mild and ideal for walking.

Whenever you choose to visit, be sure to pack strong and durable shoes and clothing for your adventure, and carry plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated whilst soaking up the sights. But most of all, enjoy the spectacular scenery and coastline of Ibiza which will surely capture your heart.

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