When you arrive on the White Isle, your head is most likely brimming with excitement at the thoughts of sunbathing, partying and soaking up the famous Ibiza vibe. However on a more practical note, it’s a good idea to get your villa stocked up with all the supplies you will need for your stay, leaving you prepared and ready to enjoy your Ibiza holiday. We have the insider tips on the best places to go for the ‘big shop’.


Major Supermarkets mercadonna

The three big names on the island are Eroski, Mercadona and Sa Compra and various outlets of each of these can be found across the island. These supermarkets stock a huge range of everything you could need to stock up your fridge and store cupboard, with many UK big brand names as well as local and international offerings. Mercadona is great for those on a budget – and also does a lovely range of their own name cosmetics and toiletries, worth remembering if you are travelling with hand luggage only – head there to stock up on all your essentials. Eroski offers the widest range of well known brands, and has the most stores across the island. They have recently launched a range of accessories including jewellery and summer hats – perfect to add to your holiday wardrobe!

Top tip- the Eroski in Ibiza Town – behind Pacha , has recently opened its own sushi bar where you can order handmade sushi to your own specifications – at a very reasonable price! Sa Compra is great for well priced and good quality fruit and veg, and their stores also have dedicated cheese and meat counters where you can choose your fresh cuts of meat – ideal for BBQ’s or big dinners for friends. It’s also worth noting that the supermarkets in Spain do not sell cigarettes or medicine, for these you will need to visit a local tobacconist or pharmacy, of which there are plenty in each major town.


Go Organic

If you wish to fill your fridge full of yummy organic goodness then don’t worry. There are plenty of smaller, natural and 100% organic store to choose from. Take the road from San Miguel towards Santa Gertrudis and you will find Supermercado Can Escandell, wonderful little hidden gem of a supermarket which sells organic, gluten free and natural products – as well as a colourful selection of fresh, homegrown fruit and vegetables.  Another secret spot is The Rabbit Hole in San Rafael which offers a wonderful array of homemade wheat free breads, cakes and other delicacies, and even though it is only small in size, its shelves are simply  overflowing with organic goodness! Another favourite is Supermaket Can Guasch, which can be found on the road from Ibiza Town to Santa Eulalia and is a veritable treasure trove of fresh locally grown fruit and veg, nuts, fresh herbs and spices as well as locally produced wines andliqueurs. Delicious!

So, don’t forget, head straight to the store of your choose to ensure you have everything you need to ensure your Ibizan holiday is a happy, healthy and carefree experience!