For those in the know, the San Antonio Pintxos celebrations are important dates on the calendar. This annual event is now enjoying its 9th year of success, and is a huge hit with both locals and holidaymakers alike. To the uninitiated, the word “Pintxos” means a tasty snack, washed down with a satisfying drink, and that´s the basic theory behind these weekly Thursday events, which run from 09 March until 13 April this year.

Pintxos offers a great excuse for residents to venture out of their winter hibernation mode and reintroduce themselves back into society, mingling with old friends and new, and preparing for the summer months ahead. This year in San Antonio, even more fantastic restaurants and bars are getting in on the act with some new additions to the Pintxos scene, including expat fave haunt The Social and the elegant beachfront venue Hostal la Torre in Cap Negret all competing for the highly coveted Pintxos prize!

The deal is that you can visit any of the 37 participating bars and restaurant and enjoy a small tapas and a drink of wine, beer or water for the decidedly reasonable price of 2.50€. The deal actually begins at midday each Thursday, which is when you usually see families making the most of this generous offer, but it’s at night when the real action begins, and the streets begin to fill with people out and about to enjoy the convivial atmosphere.


To help you along your way, the local authorities have ingeniously enlisted the help of the local ´tourist train´, which takes summer visitors around the island in the high season, and for Pintxos, does a sterling job of delivering the Pintxos revellers to their next destination on the route!


There´s a fabulous variety of restaurants to choose from, from the undisputed elegance of the iconic Villa Mercedes, located down on the marina, to the healthy and much loved dishes at Bondi in the main square. Other favourites of ours include the traditional Irish fayre at Flahertys, and the innovative streetfood menu at Palapa.So, if you are lucky enough to be spending time in Ibiza this March or April, then don´t miss this fun, and wallet friendly way to sample some of the finest dining destinations in the eternally popular resort of San Antonio. We have a whole host of luxury Ibiza villas just waiting for your arrival!

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