An Island that is full of beauty, tranquility, hidden treasures and hedonistic vibes is exactly what attracted so many hippies back in the swinging 60’s and 70’s and that hippy era is still very much alive and cerebrated today!

Before the massive party scene arose in the 80’s it really was a haven for hippiesHippies certainly know how to put on a show and welcome you with love and peace. So upon visiting Ibiza experiencing some of the famous markets stunning sunset spots and colourful club nights is a must on anyone’s holiday to do list.


The most popular and widely visited hippie market is the hippie market of the quaint resort of Es Canar know as the Punta Arabi Hippie Market it opens it gates from May to October and from 09.00 to 18.00

Celebrating its 40th anniversary only a few years ago.

It really is like no other market situated outside on a paved area surrounded by lush green trees to keep some shaded area for the shoppers. This market holds its endearing charm with other 500 stalls to choose from offering reasonably priced wide range of items. Everything from arts and crafts clothing from newborn to adults clothes, beautifully designed dresses, leather goods such as boots belts and tassel bags, stunningjewellery form wide rang of silver to gorgeous chunky costume jewellery, engravings of lighters key rings and necklaces. The list is endless!!

Its not just a market to shop in why not sit back and relax and listen to live music in La Carpa the big white tent bands from all eras such as reggae pop soul will astound you with some fantastic tunes whilst you can sit back and relax and enjoy a nice cold beer or vino.

Shopping with children can get a bit tiresome but they have a children’s corner with face painting arts and crafts where they can make their very own dream catcher great spot for the kids to keep them happy too.

Keep your eyes and ears out for some unusual characters playing all sorts of instruments such as didgeridoo and drums and capture some holiday snaps of some of the statues that appear too.

On arrival of the market its a chance to get dressed up as a real life cool laid back hippy, Where some lovely ladies with lots of hippy clobber will get you dressed up in seconds in front of a cool hippy boarder and will get a great snap of you to purchase for a fantastic souvenir!

Las Dalias another beautiful market in the tranquil secluded village of Sante Carlos. Opened back in 1985 still holding all its beauty and offers similar items as of the Es Canar market including live music and chilled out vibes. This market became so popular that opens every Saturday most of the year in peak season they have opened it up every Monday night. A fantastic evening out to do a bit of shopping mixed in with a chance to get your tarot card read sip on a delicious cocktail or some tasty tapas and just unwind relax and appreciated the hippy love peace and hedonistic vibes.


With its opening party only last week this night is an absolute must for all clubbers! Dress to impress in the most flamboyant bright and colorful of outfits with its daring decor beautiful dancers crazy and fun music including live drummers and guitarists where the dance floor will be filled with all nationalities singing, grooving smiling and enjoying everything the hippies love to do all in Pacha the world famous sexy and sassy super club that will be filled with laughter love and plenty of smiles.


So after the markets and the club nights this is another way that is unforgettable to experience the hippy vibe and also a beautiful northern beach.

Benirass is a hot spot for hippies and holiday makers wanting that ultimate sunset experience.

Leading down to the beach there is stunning scenery down winding roads that then in front of you awaits the very popular beach of Benirass.

Welcomes everyone from young and old and as the sun is starting to see the atmosphere is electric as the bongo players start beating their drums people dancing in the soft sand simply taking in the stunning scenery of the clear turquoise  waters and the warm vibrant colours of the skies that awaits a truly amazing sunset before their eyes.

Benirass is a must visit to relive the hippy era enjoy an incredible sunset and listen to the beautiful beats of the bongo.