As well as keeping track of the latest news with where you live, you may have heard the news over the weekend, that the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced amongst other things, that the tourist sector should start to prepare for the upcoming summer season from the beginning of July.

This has brought much joy to us all, not just in Ibiza but also across the whole of Spain. We now have a focus point/date that we can start working towards to ensure that our island is ready to for tourists and we will welcome them with open arms.

It has been a strange few weeks. We have had our super strict lockdown restrictions gradually lifted. As from today, we are now in Phase 2. Our restricted times to head out have been lifted – there are still times for the elderly and vulnerable that we have to respect. We are able to mix with groups of up to 15, the insides of bars/restaurants are open at a reduced capacity and more importantly we are able to head to the beach to swim.

Since the children have been allowed out this has been the hardest part. Heading to the beach with little ones tends to result in them rushing into the sea. We have had to avoid heading there otherwise we would have received a hefty fine. The beaches untouched and with little debris, are simply stunning. The bright blue of the water and the clarity is just out of this world. There is no question of our love for the island and we are certainly appreciating what we have here after being in lockdown for so long. The wild flowers, the green of the pine trees, the quiet roads, friendly people, the freshness in the air, the blue skies and the warm sun that has turned to summer temperatures a little too quickly…the list can go on and on.

We love our island yet we love our island with tourists. We want everyone to experience this island and love it as much as we do.

So the island will be accepting international tourism from the beginning of July. As of yet, we don’t know how many flights we will have here from around the world but hold off from cancelling your holiday, as the island will be waiting for you.