After the love of the holiday season and with summer just around the corner, it is only natural that your mind starts thinking of a healthier lifestyle. Whether it’s Veganuary or new gym membership one thing we can be certain of is that after all the festivities, pay day seems a long way off!

Ibiza certainly takes all this into consideration and there are many free courses/events that take place which we would highly recommend taking advantage of.

Weekly Running

Yes we know that you can go running by yourself however it is so much more fun when running with friends. Every Saturday a small group meet and can run either 6.5K or 10K. Meet at the Sailors Statue in front of Café Mar y Sol at 10am. All abilities are welcome.

More information can be found on the following link:

Cala Conta Nature Walk

The Nature Reserves of Ibiza organize their first excursion of the year starting at 10am on Saturday 18 January. A lovely walk organized around the coastline of Cala Conta, where you can experience the natural beauty up close and personal. Whilst the walk is free, prior registration is necessary and you can register by calling 0034 971 177 688 (Ext 3)

Cala Conta headland

Flower Power

Saturday 11 January and the town of San Antonio returns the era of hippy vibes, peace and love. Experience a unique side of San Antonio in the winter where the real party goers head out and dance till dawn.

Almond Blossom

As you drive through the countryside or to the beach for a winter walk or dip, look at the side of the roads to see if you can spot the delicate and pretty flora. When you see a pinkish glow emanating from the fields and valleys, you’ll instantly be able to recognise the wonder that is these trees in flower, a spectacle that lights up midwinter.

If daytime is the pretty yang of these trees’ beautiful blossom, nighttime is the ethereal yin, when the flowers take on a silver-white glow lit by the moonlight, with the best time to see this around the full moon. As long as there’s no cloud cover, expect an otherworldly, almost supernatural experience you won’t quickly forget and that will fill you with joy.

Walking Ibiza’s next walk takes place Tuesday 19 January 2019 and is an island must-do activity. Simply head to the meeting point of the church in Santa Inés at 20:00 for a guided tour with the island’s leading walking group. Remember to take a torch and after the walk, head to the local bar for some convivial drinks with new friends to warm up.

Note that the moon is still relatively full in the days preceding and following each full moon. In 2019 January’s full moon is on the 21st and in February it’s on the 19th.

Dog Walking

Many dogs are loved across the island and have loving homes, however those that sadly don’t can find themselves in Sa Coma. The dog kennels of Ibiza open their doors to the public and encourage the public to take the dogs for a walk during selected times in the week. It’s a great way of getting out and about and you never know you may just fall in love with one and end up giving them a loving home. A definite win win situation.

Bargain Hunt

Who doesn’t love trawling through the pages of Facebook marketplace and grabbing a bargain online? For those that prefer a different approach, Casi Todo is an auction house set up in Santa Gertrudis. Each month the auction runs on set dates and there are many bargains to snap up whilst you are there. Peruse all the goods the day before before arriving the next day to see the drama unfold before your eyes. The next auction will be taking place 31 January at 16:30.

Troc: located just a short drive from Santa Gertrudis you will find another unusual kind of shop. A second hand shop which gives new life to objects or appliances that you no longer use.  The operation of Ibiza Troc is simple. With your ID documents, you can sell your belongings. Head to Troc and the experts will estimate the value of your goods. They will add an extra 40% for their commission. After reaching an agreement, which will be signed by means of a contract the object may be put up for sale.

Casi Todo in Santa Gertrudis – Auctions take place every 3 weeks.

Whilst it may not be free in the longterm, there are always offers on yoga, pilates and gym sessions so don’t be afraid to sample the free trials across the board before you choose particularly which one you may wish to do.

Here are simply just a few things to keep you going over the next few weeks / months. Of course there are always plenty of other options that are available. If you would like to be added to this list then please do not hesitate to contact us.