It’s a tough call!

With everything that is going on in the world at the moment, there is one item that people hold out for each season – a holiday! It will come to no surprise especially when people have been working frantically from home, trying to juggle running the household and with possibly homeschooling, people are looking to escape to have the break they so deserve.

A lot of countries are sadly now on the quarantine list resulting in fewer people visiting our beautiful island and enjoying the warm weather that September/October brings. The restrictions are being updated weekly from the UK and Spain as the second wave seems to be imminent.

With more and more hotels closing for the season due to lack of demand and also the strict measures they have to undertake in order to comply with the Covid rules many tourists are looking to branch out to villas. 

Tourists are able to relax in groups of 10 or less and be around the pool without any restrictions in place. Again they are able to eat together and enjoy holiday moments together without any restrictions in place. All our villas are fitted with hi speed WiFi so you can work from the villa with minimal interruption. 

The villas are deep cleaned before and after our clients depart. Each villa is supplied with hand sanitiser and we ask all our clients to use this upon arrival and departing the villa. 

Our team here at Ibiza Summer Villas are adhering to a strict hygiene policy which we outline on our website and also at the villa upon check in. Should you have any questions at all about how we operate with the Covid situation we find ourselves in at this time, we will be more than welcome to answer any concerns.

We have just over a month now of the ‘official’ season left to enjoy in Ibiza before the winter kicks in. We would welcome tourists and ask them to experience some of our favourite months on the island when things generally run at a much slower pace and this year more than ever, we have a glimpse as to how Ibiza was perhaps in previous years with the long lazy days stretching out in front.

Wherever you are in the world, we ask you to be safe and we hope that be it this year or next we can welcome you back to Ibiza with open arms.

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