Ibiza Important Information

Ibiza Airport

Ibiza has one airport, located in the south, 10 minutes drive from Ibiza Town and 15 minutes drive from San Antonio. Transport options from the airport include public buses, taxis and private transfers. Please note the airport does not have free WiFi. See below for information on luggage storage.

Airport/Airline Info      (0034) 971 80 90 00


Ibiza by Boat

The Ibiza Port is located in Ibiza Town. From here, there are services to and from Formentera, Mallorca, Denia, Valencia and Barcelona. The main ferry operator servicing Ibiza is Balearia. You are able to bring a car with you on some ferries.

There are another two ports in Ibiza, one in San Antonio on the west coast with services to Denia and Formentera and one in Santa Eularia with local services to Formentera, Ibiza Town and Es Canar.


Luggage storage

There are two places you can store your luggage in Ibiza if you have time to wait for your check in or flight:

Ibiza Lockers is a locker self-storage system located just outside Ibiza Airport.

Open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Address: Ctra. al Aeropuerto, 07800 Ibiza (just by the roundabout at the entrance of the Airport, in the car park of Bar Ponderosa)

Phone number: 0034 971 39 09 99

Website: www.ibizalockers.com


Consigna Ibiza is located at the Port of Ibiza Town, behind Burger King.

Open 9.00am – 9.00pm.

Address: Puerta de Ibiza, Avenida Santa Eulalia, 25 – 27

Phone number: 0034 971 191 717

Website: www.consignaibiza.com


Buses in Ibiza

Ibiza has a reliable bus service, connecting all major resorts on the island. Between June 1st and September 30th, buses run regularly from 7.00 to 23.30 however please check individual timetables. One-way fares range from one to three euro. Most drivers can offer change, however will not accept notes larger than 20€. You can find more information on the bus schedules here: www.ibizabus.com


Taxis in Ibiza

Radio Taxis is the only public taxi company in Ibiza. Taxis operate 24 hours however be aware that you are unable to pre-book taxis. Also, in peak season or on Saturday nights, it can be difficult to get through to the call centre. Be patient and you should eventually get through.

Taxis Ibiza Airport       (0034) 971 800 080

Taxis Ibiza                  (0034) 971 398 483

Taxis San Jose                       (0034) 971 800 080

Taxis Santa Eulalia    (0034) 971 333 333

Taxis San Antonio      (0034) 971 343 764

 Be wary of illegal taxis. If you are offered a lift by a non-registered ‘pirate’ taxi, do not accept it. These ‘taxis’ are illegal. There have been an overwhelming number of cases where these pirate taxi drivers are linked to villa robberies on the island. It is not worth the risk.


Car hire in Ibiza

We encourage all our clients to hire a car for at least one day while on holiday in Ibiza, as it’s the best way to discover the island. We work alongside local company Class Rent a Car who offers a very reliable service. Please let us know if you would like to hire a car while in Ibiza and we can arrange a quote and the booking for you.

If you organise your own car hire, be wary of any addition fees or deposits you will need to pay upon arrival in Ibiza. Many cheap car hire providers will ask for a credit card to hold a security deposit, which can frustrate unsuspecting tourists.


Driving in Ibiza

In Ibiza, cars are left hand drive and you need to drive on the right hand side of the road and enter roundabouts anticlockwise. Drivers with an EU driving license will not need an International Driving Permit, however license holders from outside the EU will require one.

Spanish law is strict on drink driving. The maximum blood alcohol limit is 0.05% and for drivers with less than two years experience it is 0.03%. Random police breath testing is common in Ibiza.


Siesta & Opening Hours

Many Ibiza businesses and shops still abide to the Spanish siesta and close between 14.00 and 17.00. If you are planning a day of shopping in Ibiza Town, it is best to get in early or make an evening of it. Restaurants and cafes do not shut during siesta, but some may close between 17.00 – 19.00. In the evening, restaurants tend to only get busy after 21.00.

During summer, most supermarkets open between 9.30 and 21.00. Some but not all are closed on Saturday afternoons and Sundays.



The official language of Ibiza is Catalan, with a local dialect known as Ibicenco. Spain’s official language, Castillian, is the second most common language in Ibiza, and is widely understood by those who speak Catalan.

All road signs for villages and beaches are in Catalan, for example, Eivissa is the Catalan word for Ibiza Town. This can sometimes confuse tourists as most maps and published texts/guides are in Castillian or English.

Being such a busy tourist destination, you will also find most workers in the tourism industry speak English and often French, German or Italian too.



The currency in Ibiza is the euro. It is possible to exchange most major international currencies at most banks in Ibiza however it often works out more favourable to exchange money in your home country. There are also a number of Bureau de Change outlets in Ibiza Town, Playa d’en Bossa, Santa Eulália and San Antonio.

All Ibiza banks have ATM’s, as do many Ibiza supermarkets and most will give you the option to use in English. Be wary of high ATM fees for using foreign cards.

As standard, most banks in Ibiza operate Monday to Friday, 8.30 – 14.30, with some also opening Saturdays 9.00 – 13.00.

There are still a few cafes in Ibiza, or shops with older card machines that do not take foreign cards. It is a good idea to always have some cash on you.



Parking spaces with blue lines are paid parking during working hours, generally 9.00 – 14.00 and 16.00 – 20.00. These times do vary from town to town, so check the machine for exact times. Parking within siesta time, the evening and on Sundays is free.

If you get a parking ticket but are back to your car within an hour of the ticket expiration time, you can return to the ticket machine, pay 3€ and post the ticket along with the envelope into the machine to avoid the fine.

Spaces with a yellow line, parking is not allowed and spaces with white or no lines are free.


Security in Ibiza

Please refer to our Security in Ibiza page for information and tips on how to stay safe and secure in Ibiza.


Rubbish Disposal

Ibiza does not have a door-to-door rubbish collection service. All rubbish needs to be deposited in the large grey public bins located at many points across the island. For recycling; the green lids are for glass, yellow for plastic and blue for paper/cardboard.


Water in Ibiza

The water in Ibiza is very hard, with a high level of calcium. Unless your villa has a filtered water system, tap water is not ideal for drinking. While it is not dangerous, the taste is unpleasant. Large bottles of drinking water can be purchased from all supermarkets. Look for washing powders and liquids with anti-calc.


Dialing codes:

Country code for Spain: 0034

Area code for Ibiza: 971


Information Points

For maps, tours and local information and advice, you will find tourist information offices in Ibiza’s major towns and tourist areas, marked with the italicised i symbol. Click here for the office addresses and contact numbers.


Emergency Numbers

General                                  112

Ambulance                            061

Fire Station                           (0034) 971 313 030

Can Misses Hospital           (0034) 971 397 000



Police Emergency                 092

Police Ibiza                            (0034) 971 315 861

Police Sant Antoni               (0034) 971 340 830

Police San Jose                     (0034) 971 800 261

Police Santa Eulália             (0034) 971 330 841


Guardia Civil

Emergency                             062

General                                   (0034) 971 340 502



British Consulate                    (0034) 971 301 818

Italian Consulate                    (0034) 971 301 816

French Consulate                   (0034) 971 301 216

German Consulate                 (0034) 971 315 763


For more information you may contact one of the Tourist Information Offices in Ibiza.