Ibiza is well known as a playground for the rich and famous, a decadent place to forget the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Each summer, people flock to the island to enjoy the hedonistic nightlife scene, sail around the beautiful coastline and soak up the glorious sunshine of one of the many breathtaking beaches. However, the island is not just all about fun and frolics. Behind the scenes, there are many worthwhile charities based on the island, for which many volunteers give their time and energy to in order to help other less fortunate than themselves. Below are just a few of these organisations who work tirelessly to improve the lives of others.

Caritas – Contact Details

Caritas the remarkable, registered charity works across the island as well as the rest of mainland Spain, and is aimed at supporting people living in extreme poverty or who are homeless vulnerable people, immigrants and young people in crisis. Across the island you will see their bright red collection bins, where you can donate clothes, toys, books or other unwanted items which will be distributed to those who really need them.

APNEEF – Contact Details

APNEFF is The Association of People with Special Needs of Ibiza and Formentera and is a non-profit association for boys and girls aged 0 to 18 with special needs with any type of physical, mental, sensory and / or cognitive disabilities. The organisation has been promoting the development and evolution of children and adolescents with special needs, trying to increase their quality of life and integration into the society opening a way to a better life since 1998. Paris Hilton, a regular visitor to the island is a huge supporter of this charity and has hosted several events on the island to raise funds and awareness of the wonderful work they do. For more information see their Facebook page www.facebook.com/Apneef-300119616761099

Mojis Animal Sanctuary – Contact Details Abraham

Sadly, in Ibiza there are an extraordinary amount of unwanted, abandoned or mistreated animals, ranging from cats to dogs, horses, goats and pigs. One man on the island, who is fast becoming something of an Ibizan legend, does his utmost to save each and every one of them. Abraham Barroso Sabino is the founder of Mojis, a shelter for abandoned and abused animals in Ibiza. He relies totally on donations as he receives no support from the authorities and he dedicates his time, love and passion for animals to ensure that as many as possible are rehoused, rescued and receive vital veterinary attention.  The sanctuary is also his home, and at the last count, he was taking care of over 20 dogs, 32 cats, 5 horses as well as some goats! He does all of this whilst working six days a week as head waiter at a local beach bar.

On an island where so much is focussed on VIP culture and personal enjyoment, it’s good to know that there is also much being done to help others.

On an island where so much is focussed on VIP culture and personal enjyoment, it’s good to know that there is also much being done to help others.


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