Best Alternatives to Apartments in Ibiza



Whether you are a regular visitor to Ibiza or you are planning a first trip to the island, booking a stay in a luxury villa is a great alternative to renting an apartment. Designed with comfort in mind, all of our properties feature a swimming pool as standard, whilst many also include air conditioning, private parking and complimentary Wi-Fi. As well as offering greater privacy than a hotel, a villa can accommodate larger parties than an apartment, allowing family and friends to stay under the same roof without compromising on space.

Regardless of your budget, we at Ibiza Summer Villas will help you find the rental property that is right for you, and we do all we can to ensure your stay on the island is not only enjoyable but relaxing. Subject to your unique requirements, we can even arrange airport transfers, private catering and boat charter, freeing you to kick back and make the most of your time on Ibiza.

Whatever your idea of the perfect holiday, the White Island has much to recommend it, including beautiful white-sand beaches, fantastic restaurants and, of course, its world-famous party scene. From tranquil retreats amidst the pine forests of the north to luxurious penthouses within easy reach of all the best nightclubs, we provide you with a range of villas to choose from, helping you find a property that ticks all the boxes for quality, price and location.