If it’s your first time clubbing in Ibiza, here’s a quick look at the smaller but all important logistics of clubbing in Ibiza, including how to buy tickets, transport options, what to wear, tips for clubbing safely in Ibiza etc.

Opening times

All the clubs open around midnight. Space sometimes opens earlier and Ushuaia opens mid-afternoon. The Ibiza clubs usually don’t get going properly until 2.00am. Keep in mind the queues can get massive between 1.30am – 3.00am, particularly in August.

Officially, the clubs should close at 6am but it’s not uncommon for this curfew to drag on a little later, particularly for the opening and closing parties.

Buying Tickets

Many music and music merchandise shops across the island are official ticket outlets and will be advertised as such. Many of the clubs also have their official stores in Ibiza Town and San Antonio where you can buy tickets. PR workers also wander the streets and sands of Playa den Bossa and San Antonio, promoting different club nights and selling tickets.

You can also book your tickets in advance online. Go directly to the clubs official websites for the best prices.

You can purchase tickets on the door for most nights however it’s not guaranteed there will be tickets left. It will also cost you more.


There is a Discobus that runs throughout the summer, from club to club and to the major resorts. You can view the discobus schedule here.

There is also a 24/7 taxi service in Ibiza. Note however it can sometimes be difficult to get through to the call centre on Saturday nights in the middle of summer. You can find information on Ibiza taxi’s on our Ibiza Info page.

If you are driving, all clubs have parking within walking distance.


Clubbing in Ibiza is expensive so if you plan on coming for a non-stop clubbing holiday, prepare to take a hit on your savings.

Entry costs range between 35€ to 70€ depending on the club and night. In terms of drinks, expect to pay around 8€ for a bottle of water, 10€ for beer and wine, and upwards of 15€ for spirits.

With extra costs for VIP treatment such as access to VIP only areas and frighteningly over-priced bottles champagne and spirits, and you can be as extravagant as you want to be.

If you’re on a budget, you can sometimes pay less for tickets if you agree to enter the club earlier. Staying in a private villa also means you can save money by self-catering at your villa or enjoying a few drinks in before heading out.

Dress Code

Pacha have been known to turn away people wearing shorts and most clubs will refuse entry to people in only swimwear. Football shirts can also cause a hassle. In general however, the Ibiza clubs are fairly relaxed about dress codes so feel free to go as sophisticated or as sloppy as you like (within reason).

Some clubs have stricter dress rules for their VIP sections so if you are mingling with the jet-set, dress up!

Safety and Security

You must be 18 years old to enter the clubs in Ibiza and to buy alcohol.

It is illegal to drink alcohol while in the streets.

Ibiza in summer unfortunately attracts thieves so don’t leave your bag in a club unattended – it’ll get nicked.

Needless to say, drink driving is stupid, dangerous and illegal. The penalties are severe and the roads in Ibiza in summer are very busy, so just don’t do it.

Avoid unregistered taxis. There have been many cases where these pirate taxis have been linked to villa robberies.

ClubDanceMixes.com provides a good guide with more tips for clubbing safely.

If you missed the first parts of our Complete Beginners Guide to Nightlife in Ibiza, you can check them out here.

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