We’re a mixed bunch from all over the globe, but share one thing in common: We love Ibiza, and love sharing it with our clients so they can enjoy it just as much. Here is a sneak peek of the Ibiza Summer Villas family that ensure you have a stress free easy start when choosing your villa and continuing right through to your stay here on the island with it being as enjoyable and memorable for all the right reasons.


Michele team photo

Originally from Italy, Michele moved to Ibiza in 2004. He set up Ibiza Summer Villas in 2005 and since then the company has grown from strength to strength. He now works ‘behind the scenes’ and let’s his experienced team take care of the day-to-day operations.


As manager of Ibiza Summer Villas, Lucinda keeps the whole operation running smoothly. Hailing from the UK, Lucinda moved to the island of Ibiza in 2000 as part of the TUI crew, so has bags of experience in the holiday rental industry.

You can email Lucinda directly at lucinda@ibiza-summer.com


Geordie team photo

Originally from Australia, Georgina moved to Ibiza in 2009 after a three year stint in Edinburgh, Scotland. She takes care of the sales and is always busy ensuring that she can provide the best deals for each and every one of you!

You can email Geordie directly at georgina@ibiza-summer.com



Iris team photo

Born and bred in Ibiza, Iris knows the island inside out so is the perfect person to take care of our concierge services. For anything from boat hire to restaurant tips, Iris is on hand. She is our-go-to person for everything Ibiza.

You can email Iris directly at iris@ibiza-summer.com


Emma moved to Ibiza from the UK in 2004. Emma is at the helm of our Sales operations. If you want to find the perfect villa for your holiday, this is your girl. She is also on hand with any problems you have while here on the island.

You can email Emma directly at emma@ibiza-summer.com


Sonia is our little fiery Ibicencan with the hair to match! She is here to ensure everything runs smoothly whilst you are on holiday. She has worked within the tourist industry for many years so she is our go-to person without question!

You can email Sonia directly at sonia@ibiza-summer.com


Andrea team photo

Originally from Colombia, Andrea takes care of the Ibiza Summer Villas advertising projects.

If you want to discuss any marketing proposals with us, feel free to get in touch with Andrea.

You can email Andrea directly at andrea@ibiza-summer.com


Sara has brought some sparkle to the Ibiza Summer Villas team for this summer. Our very own social media guru – you will find her buried deep in Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and keeping our pages up to date!

You can email Sara directly at sara@ibiza-summer.com


Sketch of Bill, Ibiza Summer Villas' Mr Fix-It

Bill is our in-house Mr Fix It. He’s a dab hand at everything from building a kitchen to unblocking a loo. If you have a problem in your villa, it’s usually Bill’s friendly Irish face that you will see.